Integrating our finance journey is easy.

In our experience, businesses who integrate using this guide see a much better result.


Please follow these steps to integrate our finance journey into your company website. Your webmaster will understand these instructions. If they have any questions please ask them to reach out to us, we will happily assist.


How to build your link

The syntax for your finance link is as follows:[YOUR-FCA-NUMBER]


This allows us to cross reference your applications in order to build reports both for you the regulator.

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Create "Finance" button

This can be either a "Finance" menu item or a prominent button that links directly to the co-branded application page that we provide. This is to ensure that wording is compliant with your IAR status at all times. And also allows a simple, consistent journey for customers.

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Finance Application widgets

Please feel free to use any of our widgets in your digital marketing journey. We have made them square so that they work well in all formats. Be mindful that majority of applications are now done on mobile devices.

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Create "Financing your purchase" section

A full section for your website may look better than just a widget. You can find an example of how this can look below. Feel free to build this using your CSS. Please don't alter the wording, apart from substituting your company name.

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Financing your purchase

We’ve got you covered, as we have finance options available for people with varying circumstances. [YOUR_COMPANY_NAME], believes that you shouldn’t have to pinch your pockets to be able to purchase our products. You can pay in affordable monthly instalments to better suit your needs and budget.

To help you purchase from [YOUR_COMPANY_NAME], we have partnered with Kandoo, a regulated credit broker to offer all our customers a range of highly flexible finance options. Kandoo is a comparison service that searches to find you the best Personal Loan option that’s right for you.


Offering finance is a regulated activity and as such we must maintain the highest level of compliance at all times. There are a number of common misconceptions regarding the advertising of your finance options. The following is a list of most common things that you must not do or say in your marketing or face to face with customers.


Create your own "finance" page

We will provide you with a co branded "finance" page. This page contains specific wording that must be maintained correctly to ensure ongoing compliance.

Maintenance of this is a part of the service that we offer. This allows us to make remote changes as and when the FCA revise their requirements.

Customer application form page

Create any bespoke marketing materials without our approval

We understand that partners often prefer to create their own marketing materials. As a part of our continued service to you we are required as your Principal firm to approve any and all marketing materials before they are made live. We will turn around any approval request within 24 hours.

Please forward any requests to

Offers received by the customer page

Display the FCA logo

As an IAR of Kandoo you must always adhere to the FCA's marketing rules. One of these is that you must not display their logo on any marketing or advertising materials. This includes your website.

Loan accepted page

We offer "Great Finance"!

You must not use misleading terminology such as "Great Finance" or "Super Low Rates".  Please reach out to us for guidance on the correct wording for your website.

If you integrate with us, using the "essential" steps above, this will never be an issue.

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To speak to us click below and ask for the "integration" team