How it works

This is your merchant journey from start to finish.

Register your company

Once you have gone through these steps you should be good to offer your customers a finance option, subject to their circumstances


Initial application

Begin your application by clicking the button below or on the Kandoo home page.

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Relationship manager

Your relationship manager will call you to discuss the full application process.

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Information request

If you wish to proceed we will forward a contract that can be electronically signed and a full application form that can be completed online (takes about 5 minutes). We will also need proof of ID and address.

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Introducer Appointed Representative

Using the information provided we will apply to the Financial Conduct Authority to add you to our license as an Introducer Appointed Representative.

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Firm Reference Number

Within a short period of time, usually no more than 14 to 28 days, you will be issued with a Firm Reference Number by the FCA. This will allow you to use our marketing resources to offer finance options to your customers.

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Integration with Kandoo is pretty straightforward. You can find everything your webmaster will need  our page.

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Your customers see the following...

Once you have gone through the steps you should be good to offer your customers finance subject to their circumstances


Customer applies

We will provide you with a link to our application form that contains a tracking ID that we use to track your customer's applications. You can request a report on this at any time.

Customer application form page

Customer receives offers

On completion your customer will receive an instant response with offers from a number of banks or lenders. It is up to them to select the best deal for themselves.

Offers received by the customer page

Customer accepts offer

If they choose to proceed the customer completes the application with the lender directly. The lender will usually pay out to the customer within 24-48 hours of the completed application.

Loan accepted page

You invoice for your service

You then treat that customer as you would treat a regular cash customer.

man giving out money from a phone

That's it, you're good to go!